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GBA Caster

A small GBA raycasting demo, This same concept is what was used to make the original wolfenstein 3d. But unfortunately, I'm not John Carmack, and this won't run super fast. It is simple code very easy to understand. The map is based on a 16x16 grid of 64x64 tiles. You can easily change and manipulate the map. This demo also has collision detection. It was compiled with the DevKitAdv.

It comes complete with source code, this would be an excellent code sample for people who would like to know how programmers used to "fake" 3D in the original first person shooters like Doom, or the classic Wolf3d.

It is based off a tutorial by F. Permadi. You can get the tutor here : http://www.permadi.com/tutorial/raycast/index.html

Below is a screen shot, and a link to the source and binary. Enjoy!
GBA Caster screen shot

Click here to download source and binary (49k)

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