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Over the years we have developed quite a few games. Here are some of the newer ones. All our games come with complete source code. We want you to learn!

Gameboy Advance

Skiing Advance screen shot This was our entry to the GBADev competition. It was made in Feb 2002. It is a mode 4 scroller, where you have to help the skiier dodge the trees. Complete with a sprite system, and quick graphics loading.

Click here to get Skiing Advance

Tank Gameboy Advance. This was our first foray into the world of gameboy advance. It was coded in 6 hours, and is less than 400 lines of code. Developed in Nov 2001. A perfect place to start programming for gameboy.

Click here to get TankGBA

TankGBA screen shot

DirectX Games

Tank DirectX screen shot Tank Ravagers for Windows. Developed Dec 1998, Last updated Aug 1999. This is probably one of the simplest directx games ever made. Comes with complete source code, including sound support.

Click here to get TankDX

NES Games

This is a very simple bouncing volleyball game programmed as a gag birthday gift back in 2005. Written in 6502 assembly for the Nintendo Entertainment System. It is a NROM (mapper 0) title. It includes full source code, and sound effects.

Click here to get Crystal Vollbeyall (NES)

Crystal Volleyball screen shot

VB Games

This is the game of chess at its best! Programmed by Visual Basic expert and Loirak correspondent Chris Taylor! Play human vs. human on a single computer or on two computers connected via LAN. No AI has been implemented yet, but all the chess rules are there including castling, pawn promotion, check detection, and mate detection.

Click here to get vbChess

VB Chess screen shot

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