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(31 Oct 2012) Happy halloween! After getting an new android phone last year, I downloaded the SDK and made a simple app that does BMI calculation. I finally got around to uploading it. It comes with full source code.

(14 Jan 2009) The site and domain are now over 10 years old, yet there is not much of late to celebrate. There has been no major updates in the last 4 years. The last hobby programming I did was a simple NES game in 6502 assembly at the end of 2005 (unposted). While I aspire to try things like XNA or the newer handhelds, the time requisite for such is not forthcoming. The only coding I do is now a few lines of perl or tcl at work. My full time work is engineering so my hobbies are all now outdoors. That said I see little hope for any but the smallest of future updates.

(5 Oct 2007) Heard of XNA? Microsoft's XNA Game Studio Express is intended for students, hobbyist, and independent (and by extension, homebrew) game developers. It is available as a free download. Express will provide basic "starter kits" for rapid development of specific genres of games, such as platform, real-time strategy, and first-person shooters. Developers can create Windows games for free with the XNA Framework, but to run their games on the Xbox 360 they will have to pay an annual fee of $99 (or a four-month fee of $49) for admission to the XNA "Creators Club".

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