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Welcome to our programming HQ, a web site dedicated to being a great programming resource for those of all skill levels. Please enjoy, and don't hesitate to contact us with problems or suggestions.


  • C Programming Tutorial a short simple C tutorial, probably the easiest on the web, you will learn the basics of C Programming like functions, pointers, arrays, and data types. All on one page.
  • CProgramming.Com this is the resource for C programmers. It is the source for tons of information. It has good tutorials, which are easy to understand and message boards so you can get help for any problems you may encounter. This is the place for C!
  • DJGPP Want a great *free* C++ compiler this is it. Easy to setup, and with Allegro you'll be making games in no time!


  • Gameboy Programming this will start you into the world of handheld programming. The page has two tutorials one for the new Gameboy Advance, and the other for the original Gameboy. Both tutorials will help you get and setup the compiler. They even have code to make your very first ROM! (Wahoo!)
  • Devrs GBA Jeff Frohwein's super site on gameboy advance development.
  • GBADev the source for gameboy advance development news


  • Java Tutorial the simplest Java tutor on the web, you will learn Java Programming in four hours. You'll make your own Applets, and also stand alone programs. This will give you the basics that will enable you to become a programmer of the future.
  • Official Java Site Sun's official java web site. This is where you can get the SDK, and way more information than you can cram in your noggin. Better check it out.


  • DirectX Game Programming a great place to start, this will help you setup your compiler, get you going with free source code, and help you write some kick a** games!
  • Microsoft DirectX Homepage the source! It has the SDK, downloads, developer samples and other resources.


  • Matt's Script Archive *free* CGI scripts. Fairly extensive site containing plenty of scripts. If you want to write some code for your WebServer, maybe someone has already done it. This site has counters, form mailers, order form progs, and more.


  • Story of Mel the story of a programmer back in the days before assembly language.
  • History of Programming a short table of the significant accomplishments and dates in the history of programming.


  • Want to know how to copyright your work?
  • BitLaw multimedia copyright source, tons of information


  • Dr. Dobb's Journal software tools for the professional programmer. We used to link to the Programmer's Vault, but as this has been integrated into Dr. Dobb's we will link there instead.
  • GameDev.Net - the source!
  • East Coast Games excellent tutorials, a great site.

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