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Tank Gameboy Advance

It is a simple mode 4 double buffered game. You drive the tank on the bottom of the screen, and dodge the bombs. The code is really simple, and easy to understand.

In fact the game is around 375 lines of c code (including whitespace). It took about 5 hours to program. Feel free to change anything you like. If a bomb hits you, life is taken away until you die. You can download the binary and source code here (220k) I have tested it on real hardware (via the flash advance), and it also working under the VisualBoy Advance emulator.

A couple of note about compiling, we have recently updated it so that it will build using the devkit advance which has become the standard for homebrewn developers. Simply use the MAKE.BAT that is included in the zip file. Glance at the readme.txt also included for more technical information.

Tank screen shot
Screen Shot of Game

Special Thanks go out to the gbadev scene, most importantly

  • GBADev.org sources, demos, tutors, you name it, this place has it.
  • Pern Project the best set of tutorials to get you up and going for the gameboy advance
  • Jeff Frohwein's GBA Page lots of information on the gba, like compilers, jobs, etc.
  • Success HK a Hong Kong based retailer where you can get your own flash writer and cart.

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