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Crystal Volleyball (NES)

This is a very simple bouncing volleyball game programmed as a gag birthday gift back in 2005. At the time I was doing circuit design and missed programming. The game is written completely in 6502 assembly for the Nintendo Entertainment System. It is a NROM (mapper 0) title. It was compiled with NESASM version 2.0. I sacrificed a golf nes cart and found someone who burned a couple programmable roms and gifted it to a friend. I haven't touched the code since.

Instructions: Move left and right and keep the ball in the air. Every time you set the ball you get a point. The ball bounces off the ceiling and walls.
Easter Egg Hint: I was always a fan of the konami code.

Why post now in 2024? 19 years later, I dunno, boredom. Nostlagia? The NES was my favorite and second console growing up. We got our NES in 1989 for christmas when I was 9 years old. My Dad had purchased a TI-994A that we had before that. I taught myself some basic programming on the TI. When I was a kid I dreamed of programming my own NES game. I spent lots of time teaching myself programming. With a bit of luck responding to a local classified newspaper help wanted ad (Provo Daily Herald). I landed a job as a N64 programmer for Saffire at age 18. Since programming was "too easy" I decided to major in electrical engineering because maxwell's equations and building physical things was in my mind much more challenging. I started working at Intel in 2004. I hadn't programmed for a while and I did this as a gift for a friend over several months in 2005. Long live the NES!

Crystal Volleyball screen shot

Click here to download source, tools, and binary (716k)


I was a lurker on the NES development scene. This would never have been possible without a variety of documents and tools made by others. Most of which were located on "nesdev.parodius.com" --- An archive of the page is located here: https://www.nesdev.org/archive.html. The documents and tools I used are listed below. Most of these are all out of date. Other tutorials are available. I'm simply listed what I used back in 2005. I have mirrored some documents below.
  • Modern NES development: https://www.nesdev.org/
  • NESDOC.pdf - Nintendo Entertainment System Documentation v1.0 by Patrick Diskin (PDF - good reading, general knowledge)
  • ndox200.zip - Nintendo Entertainment System Documentation v2.0 by Jeremy Chadwick (TXT - better for programming)
  • 6502guid.txt - RTK's Assembly in one step. A brief guide to programming the 6502 in assembly language.
  • https://www.patater.com/gbaguy/nesasm.htm - NES ASM Tutorial by Mike H. (GbaGuy). An NES programming tutorial. Off-site link.
  • NESprgmn.txt - Programming that 8-bit beast of power, the NES v.80.666 by joker21
  • NESSOUND.txt - 2A03 technical reference First release (4-23-2004), by Brad Taylor. Covers everything related to the NES's CPU, including sound.
  • tilelp.zip - Tile Layer Pro by Kent Hansen (SnoBro)
  • nesasm.zip - NESASM v2.0 by Charles Doty, David Michel, and J.H. Van Ornum
  • FCEUX - My current emulator of choice.
  • NES programmable development carts from retrostage.net

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